• STRAILastic Australia

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  • STRAILastic Australia new since 2019, is an expert for noise protection systems for railways.
    It`s a brand of KRAIBURG STRAIL GmbH who is a well-known partner to the railways since more than 50 years. We specialise in fibre reinforced compound noise protection systems and noise attenuation solutions.

    KRAIBURG Holding GmbH & Co Kg is as a family-owned company that was founded in 1947, located in Waldkraiburg/Upper Bavaria. The company has approximately 2300 employees who are active in nine strategic business fields.

    When it comes to noise and vibration matters, customers are pursuing well designed systems that offer optimum solutions to individual requirements that are durable, safe, high performing, cost effective, environmentally compliant and easy to install and that is where STRAILastic Australia and Kraiburg STRAIL GmbH comes to the forefront as a market leader for such products/services.

    STRAILastic Australia Pty Ltd is dedicated in the provision of technological products and services, which in collaboration with our clients are designed to offer optimum solutions that create value and make a difference.

    Fight noise where it is created, close to the rail.

    STRAILastic_mSW – The mini sound protection wall
    Fastened to the sleeper, is closer to the noise source than any other low sound protection wall.

    STRAILastic – the infill panel
    Restore tranquillity by using the existing structure. The infill panels can be mounted directly onto special railings.

    STRAILastic inox 2.0 – the noise absorber

    Fight noise before it is created. Using its weight, the absorber dampens the vibrations and therefore reduces noise emissions.