• Robin Jackson

    Infrastructure Australia

  • Infrastructure Australia advises governments, industry and the community on the investments and reforms needed to deliver better infrastructure for all Australians.

    Infrastructure Australia identifies infrastructure priorities through the Australian Infrastructure Audit, Australian Infrastructure Plan and Infrastructure Priority List. Based on rigorous and independent analysis, the Priority List identifies infrastructure needs and opportunities to ensure that public infrastructure funds are spent where they are needed most.

    Robin Jackson is an Integrated Transport & Land Use Specialist at Infrastructure Australia, with a responsibility for providing planning and policy advice on nationally significant infrastructure.

    Robin has 27 years of experience planning and delivering transport projects. Prior to joining Infrastructure Australia, he led AECOM’s Infrastructure Advisory practice across NSW and ACT, supported the establishment of AECOM’s Commercial Advisory practice to provide funding and financing advice, and authored publications for the Global Cities initiative.

    He is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Traffic Planning and Management, and a Member of the UK Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation.