• Dr Shane Geha

    Managing Director/EG

  • Shane is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of EG Property Group. With a success rate of 98%, Shane has presided over 200 re-zonings and complex DAs over the past 20 years.

    Shane leads the rezoning property company in NSW with over 12 Billion dollars of successful rezoning’s in the past 19 years (1999-present).  At the helm of the premier rezoning company in New South Wales and Australia, with expertise in land value transformation, rezoning’s have included some of Sydney and NSW’s largest land-use changes in both size and value.

    Shane has a long history with boards and committees at senior capacities since the age of 21 including being a founder of 28 companies and businesses.

    Shane also lectures at the Master of Engineering Course and Bachelor of Engineering Course at The University of Sydney, as well as a course convenor and lecturer at the University of New South Wales. Shane was recently appointed the title of Adjunct Professor at UNSW.